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Concrete Culture uses the generative power of art, culture, and technology within (historic) real estate and area developments to make a social impact, drive economic growth, strengthen communities, and combat gentrification.


Concrete Culture's flagship initiatives include Koelhuis Eindhoven (former Campina Vrieshuis) and Katoenhuis Rotterdam (a 5,500m2 former cotton warehouse in the heart of Rotterdam's Maker District (M4H). Both initiatives focus on Immersive Experiences (IX), offering communal workspaces, studios, and presentation venues that actively support creative and technical talent.


By bringing diverse artists, technologists, and makers under one roof, Concrete Culture initiatives create a space for research, experimentation, and presentation of immersive experiences and contribute to the growth of the immersive technology sector in the Netherlands.


KH040_Photo_Nick Bookelaar_Interior_Copy

Koelhuis Eindhoven is the cultural and tech hub, focused on Immersive Experiences (IX) within the emerging Koelhuis District. The gigantic, industrial heritage building emerged from the redevelopment of the former Campina freezer warehouse. The venue will become an interdisciplinary center for new media art, immersive technologies, and contemporary culture. Its mission is to democratize arts and culture by using immersive (digital) experiences to make complex topics accessible to a wide audience.


Katoenhuis Rotterdam is a hub for Immersive Experiences (IX) and technology in the heart of Rotterdam Makers District. Once known as the "Van Bennekum's Havenbedrijf Katoenloods”, Katoenhuis is a multifunctional space hosting artist and makers’ studios and working facilities, exhibition, and event spaces. By bringing diverse artists and makers under one roof, Katoenhuis supports makers and developers in research, experimentation, and presentation of immersive experiences, and strengthens the development of the immersive technology sector in Rotterdam and the Netherlands. 


Container Pavilion 

The Container Pavilion – the first realization of the Container Pavilion System developed by Concrete Culture. The system features temporary and flexible structures, with steel intermodal containers as its core architectural elements, that can be adapted to various environments and configurations. Drawing inspiration from the innovative world of shipping container architecture, it represents not only Concrete Culture’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency but also expedites urban development initiatives. Presently, the Container Pavilion serves as the dedicated office space for the Concrete Culture and Bakkers | Hommen teams.

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Koelhuis District

Koelhuis District is an ambitious urban renewal project centered around Immersive Experiences (IX), harnessing the city’s talent, and building on Eindhoven’s reputation as the design and tech capital of the Netherlands. Koelhuis District will act as a living lab where the community works on the use of immersive technologies for, amongst others, educational and artistic purposes. Within the Koelhuis District, residential facilities for technical and creative talent will be combined with indoor and outdoor spaces for work, culture, and leisure.


... and more

Concrete Culture leverages the generative power of art, culture and creativity in real estate development initiatives to enable the economic growth, vitality, and general well-being of local communities. 
Wherever there is a real estate object with the potential of adding cultural value to the urban revitalization of an area, Concrete Culture creates site-specific cultural enterprise concepts to support positive societal and cultural change. 

Our Team.

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Who we are

Arnold van de Water

General Director


Marjolein Vlaming

Managing Director

Ellie Middleton

Creative Consultant


Lara Haamers

Studio Manager


Katažyna Jankovska

Producer | Copywriter

Anastasia Kozlova

Visual Designer | Researcher

Brooklyn Stam

Junior Creative Consultant


Olga Pershina

Spatial designer


Merijn van Elsäcker

Junior Creative Consultant

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Lonneke den Haan

Junior Producer


Concrete Culture is a joint venture between property developer Bakkers | Hommen and creative agency, The two founding companies share a passion to deliver value to places through inclusive creative development. 

Factorr_logo_square_white_blackbg.png is an award-winning creative agency specializing in (touring) exhibitions, leisure, and placemaking. Factorr adds value to spaces through arts, culture, and entertainment.


BH is a leading independent real estate developer in The Netherlands. Specializing in urban development, their approach is rooted in innovation, long-term vision, and collaboration. BH is a member of Neprom, a trade organization of socially involved project and area developers in the Netherlands. 


Visit us at Katoenhuis

Keilestraat 9c (navigation link)

3029 BP Rotterdam

The Netherlands

+31 085 483 6030

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